Another Wiki? OMG Why?

I prepared this abstract for the 2014 TeX User Group (TUG) conference in Portland. Here I annotate it with materials that I will draw on preparing my talk. website

Aside: When wiki was young my visitors would write with cliched acronyms like IMHO or OMG but I would remove them which gave my site an air of authority.

See Ward Cunningham for more about sites he makes.


We will reflect on the first wiki, what problem it solved, and what problems it sidestepped. We'll acknowledge the most famous wiki especially recognizing what they found need to change.

End of Road Again at the dawn of interactive literature.

Invitation To The Patterns List to write about programming.

Hacking Social Impact by writing our own future.

Inventor of the Wiki cites Mediawiki's innovations.

We will then describe the technological and social opportunity for another wiki, again a service nobody asked for, but now built with technology twenty years further along in the evolution of the web.

Folk Memory biologically inspired sharing.

Personas that motivated development.

Federated Wiki at One is no longer the smallest.

Chorus of Voices in an engineered community.

We've make wiki servers simpler by moving rendering and sharing into the browser. We've used federation to solve some problems that plague other implementations, and to open an innovation space unserved by web technology until now.

Hacking Wiki's Methods to simplify calculation.

Plugin Lifecycle for making new markups.

Aggregated GitHub Issues where we design the core.

Federated Wiki Videos where we show our progress.

Finally we'll declare our love for those who write, even a little, for thoughtful writing inoculates us from the ravages of consumerism.

WikiPLACE Second Pilot for sustainable neighborhoods.