Aggregated GitHub Issues

We list sites with pages mechanically generated from the github API. These provide a broad view of multiple federated wiki related repositories and a reference for ongoing conversation within the federation.

See Recent Changes for aggregated changes.


These are issues extracted from the federated wiki family of repositories. We'd like to restrict issues posted there to specific problems with code in those specific repos.

This wiki innovates by: 1. federated sharing, 2. drag refactoring and 3. data visualization. github

Federated Wiki client and server in Node.js. github

Federated wiki client-side javascript as a npm module. github


These are the sites where we know contributors are discussing the future of federated wiki.

Ward Cunningham. These are ideas that we've thought about over and over but not done yet. Soon. See also Finished Work.

Paul Rodwell. My thoughts should not be read in isolation, they should be read along with Ward's thoughts.

Nick Niemeir. A collection of the best resources on core JavaScript stuff from the basics to the bleeding edge, with some material original to this wiki in the middle.