Federated Wiki Videos

These pages chronicle the Smallest Federated Wiki project and report its latest achievements with a series of short screencasts.

Our screencasts are numbered chronologically. We've reorded them here by topic area.

Our titles are just keywords. You may find the footer's search more useful.


We compose pages by editing and refactoring.

Ward shows how visualizations find data in video 07 Data D3 Binding


We share by copy each other's work.


We calculate by stacking up calculations.


We interpret results with pictures.


We speak often about all aspects of federated wiki. Many of our presentations are available online.

TEDx Portland 9 min, April, 2012

O'Reilly Fluent 13 min, May, 2012

Realtime Conference 33 min, October, 2012

QCon London 30 min, April, 2013

MountainWest RubyConf 50 min, April, 2013

Node PDX 40 min, May, 2013

Open-Source Scenario Modeling 10 min, November, 2013

Song of Code and Content 60 min, March 2014

Democracy Demos 60 min. Aug 2014.


We're happy to showcase other's work where there is some obvious connection with our work on federated wiki.

Natural Genetic Infrastructure 60 min, OOPSLA, 1996

Looking for the Mouse 16 min, Web 2.0 Expo, 2008

Doing it For Free 3 min, Portland Magazine, 2011

Inventor of the Wiki 17 min, Wikipedia interview, 2011

SFW History Animated 3 min, January, 2014

Information Lifecycle 9 min, November 6, 2014

Javascript Jabber 54 min, November 26, 2014

Hack Summit 56 min, December 2, 2014