On SFW for Distributed Notetaking

Mike Caulfield shows how the wiki-fast generation of pages AND the multi-column structure of the SWF facilitate developing notes beyond copy-paste patchwriting. post

The video action is fast, but he goes out to Wiikipedia, grabs text to isolate it from the larger article, refactors it as a source note, then jumps up in the implicit hierarchy to develop the argument in which he's using the source. Lots of things happening as he does so.

1. the student he's enacting is learning,

2. the student he's enacting is practicing ground-up note taking and synthesis. (Mike mentions "bottom up" work - and what he does in this vid demonstrates the pedagogical strength of that idea).

3. the student he's enacting is demonstrating that he's the author of the new text ie not plagiarizing.

4. the student he's enacting is creating an argument that retains close rhetorical as well as hypertextual links to the source.

Yes, this is possible in any wiki, and the better note systems encourage and facilitate it (Tinderbox), but SFW is good scaffolding for the moves of synthesis.

I love taking notes. I would take notes all day if I could live that way.