Radar Data in Method Plugins

The radar plugin will look to its left for data plugins. Try using this sample material data to compare various radar plugin configurations.

Example Charts

Choose an example configuration. Shift-click these links to see multiple configurations side-by-side.

Sample Data

The example radar charts expect to find this sample data. To use these charts with different datasets you may need to revise the specified dimensions or limits.

Methods for specifying values and computing subtotals.

3.0 Carcinogenicity 2.1 Acute Toxicity 2.1 Chronic Toxicity 2.2 Reproductive/Endocrine Disrupter Toxicity SUM Chemistry Total

2.5 Energy Intensity 3.8 GHG Emissions Intensity SUM Energy/GHG Emissions Total

0.0 Water Intensity 5.3 Land Use Intensity SUM Water/ Land Use Total

10.0 Hazardous Waste 5.0 MSW 4.0 Industrial waste 0.0 Recyclable/ Compostable waste 1.3 Mineral waste SUM Physical Waste Total

Method for computing total score from previous subtotals.

Chemistry Total Energy/GHG Emissions Total Water/ Land Use Total Physical Waste Total SUM Total score

Data from Nike MSI material sustainability index.